My Top 5 Apps!

Hello babes and welcome back to another blog post. Today, I’m going to be spilling all the secrets of what social media apps I use! So without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Snapchat!

Snapchat is obviously a huge app used by many. I mainly use it for my personal life, but since love some of the new filters that people make. My favorites current favorites are dusty grain and beach vibes! I even used one of them for an Instagram post!

2. Instagram

I use this app so much for business and media management! My business account, @alanashou, is so much fun to watch as it grows. I started the account in 2015, as my regular/personal account. It was only recent that I made the choice to switch it over to a business account. I am so thankful for everyone on it who keeps up with my journey and supports me every step of the way!

3. Pinterest

Pinterest always has the cutest things. They always have great diys to try, how tos, and inspiration for my posts and aesthetic. I will leave my pinterest here!

4. Lightroom

I just got this app and I’m in love with it. I’ve downloaded and made a couple presets and I love the effects that it has. It’s great if you want to up your instagram feed. I got this app a couple years ago but had no clue how to use it, so I ended up deleting it. My best advice is to download and learn how the app works!


VSCO definitely helped me when I first started my business account. It has great (free!) filters that give your photo a great finish! You can share photos on their with friends and republish or favorite others photos!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Q + A! See you all tomorrow!

xx alana


A Pen, Paper, and Homily??

Hello babes and welcome back! I know it feels like forever since I posted, but I was sick the whole of last week and I didn’t have a lot of time to write anything. I’m super sorry, but I’m back! Today, I’m going to talking about how “note taking” during mass and how it has helped me for sure! So, without further ado, let’s hop into the post!

So about two months ago (or so), I was in mass and the priest’s homily was really powerful and moving. It was something I wanted to remember and look back on. So this thought came in my head about taking notes during the homily. I remember doing research on it later that day to see if anyone else does this and to see if it was okay to. I went on one website that said Father Mike (a pretty cool priest in my opinion, I’ll leave his YouTube here) encourages people to take notes during homilies. So from that day on, every Sunday mass, I would bring a pen (or pencil), a piece of paper, and my youth bible. The only issue? I would forget where I put the papers and would lose some. So recently, I bought myself a journal that I brought with me last Sunday and took some notes in. Then, I plan on looking back at the notes and meditating on them.

When I take notes, I find it easier to pay attention to what the priest says, rather than look around or get distracted by the really (and i mean rlly) cute babies. I’ve always been a person who gets distracted super easily, either by my youth leaders’ adorable child or my inner thoughts (what a mix!).

The only thing that I kinda of dislike from taking notes is the attention you get. Today I was on the outer seat of the pew and I was in plain sight for some people across and behind me. I can tell that some people look at me weirdly when I start to take out my notebook and pen and start to vigorously jot down notes and thought provoking questions. However, it is worth it. I’ve been able to reject off of the Gospel and look back at each homily.

I hope this can help you and inspire you for next week’s mass. I encourage you all (Catholic or non) to try and go to church with an open mind. I hope that if already go to church, that maybe you’ll be like me next sunday, with pen and paper in hand. Comment below or contact me via Instagram and let me know if you’re going to try this out! If you have any blog post requests, you can request them in the “contact” section of my website or click here. See you next week loves!

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My Favorite Songs (atm)!

Hello loves! Welcome back to the blog! today, I’m sharing my top 5 favorite songs at the moment! Let’s hope right in!

1. Better – Tyler Sellers

I’m in love with this! I’ve been friends with Tyler for a couple years. Love the smoothness and free feeling that this song gives ya. This song has been stuck in my head! S/O to Ty for this bop!

2. Paris – Sabrina Carpenter

I’ve been following Sabrina’s music for three years or so and I’ve always been a huge fan! This song is so catchy ugh. Love this new song!

3. When the Party’s Over – Billie Eilish

Billie is such a talented person. If you’ve ever heard her live, she sounds exactly she in her songs. She needs 0 auto tune. Love this song soo much.

4. Growing Pains – Alessia Cara

Love Alesia’s voice. She has such a beautiful tone and her style is so cool.

5. Women Like Me – Little Mix

Honestly is such a good song to pump you up and give you all the good feels. Love this for workouts or driving to school, helps you give you confidence and happy.


Still Rolling Stones – Lauren Daigle

Had to add this as a lil extra because Lauren has such a beautiful voice and uses it to praise God!

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post! Happy November!

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5 Tips on Meeting New People 😨

Hello loves! Today, I’m going to be sharing five tips when it comes to meeting people. I have moved to so many schools and have met so many people in my life that I you can basically say I’m a pro (hahah I’m joking). So let’s hop right into it!

(me and my bestie kylee. we just met last month!)

1. Be approachable

When you meet new people, you want to look approachable. Try not to cross your arms, this might make you look aggressive, angry, or even stuck up. Try to have your hands by your side and make good eye contact. Try not to stare the person down, but a little bit of eye contact here and there is perfect.

2. Relax

This is an obvious one, but it’s really hard. I have a hard time with relaxing when I know I’m meeting new people. I get too worried about first impressions and I stress sometimes. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous if you know you’re meeting new people (like your older brothers girlfriend or new co workers) but it’s okay! I try to remember that they too may be nervous about meeting me!

3. Don’t Overdue It.

This can go hand in hand with number two, but I decided to make this it’s own number because I have more to say about it. Please don’t lie or fib about yourself and don’t try to overdue it! It’s hard to fit in, but being untrue to yourself is not the way to go. Stay true to yourself and you will find like minded people who want to be friends with you. I know this one girl who is doing this constantly and she fails to realize that this is unhealthy. You are not only causing possible trust issues with others, but you’re creating trust issues for yourself which causes more and more issues to rise. Stay true to yourself!

4. Avoid Over Sharing

Don’t tell the new kid at your school about your recent gynecologist appointment! This can lead to awkward silence and aLay off the personal and sensitive information. Instead just talk about where you go to school or a sport you participate in. Or, ask the other person about themselves, without overstepping!

5. Join a Club or Go to Local Events

So say you are homeschooled or you don’t know where to start. If you’re school offers clubs and sports, find one that interests you and join one. I did debate club and volleyball and I’ve made friends through both. If you aren’t a sports person or your school doesn’t offer clubs, go to local events. My town offers different art and sport programs, they have local farmers markets, free art exhibits and more. Go to events that interest you so you can find people who share a common interest. If you are religious (for example, I’m Catholic), join a youth group or church group. For Catholics, teens, join a youth group (it’s super fun, I promise!). There’s Catholic Daughters and Knights of Columbus. Different churches offer a variety of programs, I really suggest joining one!

I hope this was helpful. If you have any blog post ideas you want to see come to life, email me: or message me on instagram! until then! xo

Interview on Zero Waste Lifestyle!

Hey loves! Last month, I was on YouTube and Instagram, looking at social media influencers and people who believe in living a zero waste lifestyle where they try to reuse and recycle items while also trying to create the least amount of waste to help preserve the earth! I thought it’d find someone to interview and talk with. So I reached out to Tara, a zero waster, and thought I’d interview her on her lifestyle and learn more while educating you guys too! Her instagram will be linked down below if you have any questions for her or click here! Let’s hop in!

I thought I’d start with an introduction 🙂 Hi, I’m Tara, I’ve been working towards a zero waste (or low impact) life for the past decade. I’m an Iranian- American woman who cares deeply about how people of color, and folks from less privileged backgrounds can speak up and inform our national, and international choices related to sustainability, consumerism, and food. 

What is ZW? 

The zero waste lifestyle is a commitment, and promise, to treat the world as kindly as we can. It is an invitation to notice when our choices might hurt the world, or humans around us, and adjust course so we do LESS of that over time. Most simply, it’s a willingness to create very little waste.

 At first, zero waste was a quirky fun challenge for me. I wanted to see if I could personally have less of an impact on the planet. Now it is a way of life. It’s a part of my value structure, my daily actions, and my choices. I rarely buy new things (opting for used or previously loved items), I try to buy all of my food locally from organic sources (yes, that’s easier because I’m in California… compared to just about every other state in the US, this is the best place to try it). 

Who inspired me to go zero waste? 

This is a funny one. It was actually an ex-boyfriend. For the longest time, the man hated my desire to go to thrift stores (this should have been a good warning sign!). One day he walked into the house – beaming – TARA, there is a name for this thing you’re doing. It’s called zero waste AND this woman (@zerowastehome) SHE says your thrifting is a great idea! All of the sudden my quirky habits were trendy in his eyes. We started transitioning to a full zero waste life together over the course of the next year or so. 

How did I make the huge lifestyle change?

Gradually! That was the key. The day after my partner had dubbed my tendencies “zero waste”- he approached me with a box of perfectly functioning plastic items. “Tara, we are going to get rid of ALL of this and go find the “eco” versions TODAY”. I was mortified. I didn’t want to throw away my plastic toothbrush… no one else could use it.. And it made far more sense to use it until it needed to be disposed. It was a flashbulb moment – I realized – for me – this journey was going to be a gradual set of swaps – moments I could enjoy and learn from. To this day I’m still learning about how to grow into the lifestyle, cut out plastics, say goodbye to single-use items whenever possible. 

How does the lifestyle influence my life now v. previously?

Life is simple. I get to connect daily with humans, community, and things that I deeply love. The clutter is gone. I don’t worry about taking out the trash (I stopped paying the city for the service all together!). I feel a deep sense of gratitude when I find something I want or need on the side of the road, at a thrift store, in a friends discard pile. 

I eat WAY better than I used to. I don’t really eat many processed foods anymore – my body thanks me daily. It has more energy and life because the breakfast I eat doesn’t have an expiration date 10 years into the future. I cook more than I used to. I still enjoy meals out with friends, but I am aware of where we go and what I eat. 

(Three years worth of Tara’s waste! How incredible!)

How do you keep up with your routine without accidentally using products that waste?

Here is the thing. We are all human, and the current economy makes it virtually impossible to create no waste. There are moments when I accidentally, or intentionally create waste. It’s not often. But it happens. For example: a few weeks back I was starving, I’d forgotten my bamboo utensils, and the only food option near us required a plastic fork. I was light headed and really needed to eat. I took the fork. Did I want to: no. Was I a bit sad I’d not brought my kit – I suppose so. But being too hard on yourself only leads to burn out. 10 years ago I probably used hundreds of plastic folks in a year; this year I’ve only used one. Progress is something we should count and celebrate. 

What do your friends and family think?

I think about this often. My friends and family now know all about my choices and actions. I think most of them admire my commitment. Some of them for sure think it’s odd or a waste of time. 

I don’t push my choices on others. Period. No use in that. Folks do however see how I choose to operate and a surprising number slowly, slowly, join me. Whether it’s by swapping to a reusable cup or bottle, or beginning to shop in bulk. I can no longer count the number of times someone say “OOH you doing X… has made me do Y”… those moments fill my heart with joy. 

How do you get items in a store that are wrapped in a container like TP, milk, cheese?

I find the best variation of the item I need. For TP, I choose a company called @whogivesacrap – they only box TP in cardboard (which I reuse in my garden mulch). It’s not zero waste… but I do find wiping a mission critical part of the bathroom experience. 

I’ve moved away from loads of dairy. But, when I do seek milk, I buy it from @Strauss which provides milk in glass containers you can return to the store. And cheese, I either bring my own container, or buy something whole and split it with friends (ie. a parmesan wheel we split amongst buddies years ago)

If you’re looking at swapping to a zero waste lifestyle, do you have any tips for me?

A few minor adjustments have a huge impact. Community is key here IMO – find your tribe – folks who are living in a way that you want to live. Who share aspirations or a vision with you. My instagram has connected me with a lot of really awesome folks who inspire me everyday like @wastelandrebel and – these women are powerhouses. I’ve had the chance to meet both IRL and seeing how they live has been a gift and brilliant way to stay connected to a vision and mission I believe in. 

Absolutely everyone can access swaps like: 

  1. Using a water bottle
  2. Using reusable containers 
  3. Not producing as much food waste at the end of each meal

I hope you guys enjoyed my little interview with Tara. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and comment down below (or dm me) if you’d want to see more interviews and if so, on what topics! Thank you to Tara for your time and letting me interview you! Her instagram is linked here and if you want to follow me on mine, it’s @alanashou! See you next Saturday!

October Favorites!

Hello loves! It’s officially fall time! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because it is sooo pretty outside and the weather isn’t too hot and there’s apple picking … I’m in love. So today, i am going to be sharing my top 5 fall favorites. Let’s hop right in!

1. Apple Picking

Apple picking is going to be #1 hands down. If you’ve never been apple picking, you need to go asap. I go to my local farm for apple picking and it’s one of my favorite things to do during the fall. The one I go to has the hot apple cider with the cider donuts (see above picture) YUM!.

2. Fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are totally a thing twenty four sev, but fall makes em even better! I have a whole drawer dedicated to my fuzzy socks. During fall, fuzzy socks are absolutely adorable and supah comfy. I will try and link you to one of my fav fuzzy socks here!

3. Disney Halloween/ Halloween Movies

As a kid, when Monstober time was around, I was super excited. I love to rewatch the Halloween movies including Halloweentown, Hocus Poccus, The Addams Family (from the 90’s), Girl v.s Monster, and all the past Disney shows that had their Halloween eps. Time to binge watch!! Comment yours down below or dm me them!

4. Camp Fires

Now is the time to do some camp fires! My school is doing a huge bonfire this year and I am so excited to go! Camp fires are great to do with friends, bfs/gfs and family. Roast some marshmallows (or each other, like joking wise, not over the fire please) and spooky stories are must!

5. Duck Boots with Comfy Clothes

Duck boots are a fall staple that I personally love! They are a little expensive, but look cute, feel comfy and last a long time! I will link where I got mine from here! I absolutely love to wear mine with leggings, long sweaters and a scarf. Any comfy clothes during the fall feel good and look good! One of the reasons why I love fall.

I know this blog post was a quick read, but I’m hoping to do longer ones if you want. I’ll leave a poll on my story to get your opinions! Hope you enjoyed the little blog post and if you did, don’t forget to comment below and leave a like!

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why it’s okay to not date in high school & self worth

hey loves! let’s just jump into this, so grab your blanket and your hot tea (or beverage of your choice) and let’s talk. hope you enjoy 🙂

for many (including me), i thought dating in high was a must and that people who don’t date in high school are missing out on a ton (for the record, i’ve never dated. like ever). and recently – i’ve been realizing that this is not the end of the world. at the most least suspecting time in my life, a guy will walk into my life (or maybe not). this could be 5 days from now, or this could be 5 years from now. i don’t know. so this is a shout out to all my babes in hs who haven’t dated yet or just want to be in a new relationship. if you aren’t dating, THIS DOES NOT MEAN (and yes i wrote in capital letters because i’m screaming this) YOU ARE NOT WORTHY. for me, i saw all my friends, all these pretty girls who i always compared myself too with a guy by their side. and i was envious. i would judge myself and compare myself to my friends, and this began a very unhealthy time in my life. i started to second guess my decisions and how i looked. the fact of the matter is this. you are pretty and beautiful. you are gorgeous and you are stunning. you don’t need a guy (or to all the men, a women) to verify how worthy you are or make you second guess your single status. be proud of yourself and know that God has a plan for you. He has a plan for each of us, and we need to just close our eyes and let him lead us. this plan might not be clear at the moment, but if you have faith, it will be okay. it only gets better when you accept this and understand your self worth. so to my fellow reader who has made it this far, look in the mirror and examine yourself. look at your face, your body, your hands, your hair. look in your eyes and shower your self compliments. compliment. get a notepad and write down compliments and positive attributes. keep them with you. when you’re sad or down, you read them and you smile, because every single one of them is true.